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PersonalityLab.org is maintained by Dr. Christopher J. Soto, Associate Professor of Psychology at Colby College. Dr. Soto's research examines how personality is organized, how personality changes across the life span, how personality affects everyday behavior and life outcomes, and how to measure individual differences in personality. More information about Dr. Soto's research is available on the Colby Personality Lab website. Below are some examples of scientific articles that have analyzed data collected through PersonalityLab.org.

Soto, C. J. & John, O. P. (2014). Traits in transition: The structure of parent-reported personality traits from early childhood to early adulthood. Journal of Personality, 82, 182-199.

Soto, C. J. (2016). The Little Six personality dimensions from early childhood to early adulthood: Mean-level age and gender differences in parents’ reports. Journal of Personality, 84, 409-422.

Soto, C. J., & John, O. P. (2017). The next Big Five Inventory (BFI-2): Developing and assessing a hierarchical model with 15 facets to enhance bandwidth, fidelity, and predictive power. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 113.

Soto, C. J., & John, O. P. (2017). Short and extra-short forms of the Big Five Inventory–2: The BFI-2-S and BFI-2-XS. Journal of Research in Personality, 68, 69-81.




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